My San Diego Comic Con 2013 Experience Part 2...and Other Randoms

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I've been doing a lot of traveling (again) for gigs/signings since my last entry (Tampa's Fanboy Expo and Wizard World Chicago Con), so I'm just playing a little catch up with my blogs and am a little behind on sharing my experiences.  Alas, this entry is wrapping up what I started in the original San Diego Comic Con entry.

But first of all, since it's hot off the press, here is Part 1 of my podcast interview from this past weekend with Misinformation Podcast:

You could even see my Artist Alley neighbor/friend/MAD magazine artist extraordinaire Tom Richmond in the background drawing for his fans.  :)

An interesting moment from SDCC weekend was when none other than Frankie Jonas approached me at my table.  Frankie is the younger, "kind of" lesser known brother of the famous Jonas Brothers.  He's on the Disney channel quite a bit, although I couldn't tell you which show since I'm not young and hip.  
(*EDIT*-- it's a show called "Jonas L.A."

Anyways, he was asking for a sketch in his sketchbook, as he seems to be a comic book fan.  Interestingly enough, this was not my first encounter with the young man. 

Long story short, I had met him when he approached my table back in 2009 for a sketch.  Not knowing who he was at the time, I trolled him.  That's right, I trolled a Jonas brother--the full details here at my buddy Walden Wong's blog entry.

Anyway, I drew him a nice Batman head sketch this time, and asked that he hold it up for me for a quick photo.  A very kind and polite, comics-loving kid: 

Thanks for stopping by (again), Frankie! :)

Thanks for stopping by (again), Frankie! :)

Lastly, here's just a boatload of photos--mostly cosplay:

Until next blog....