New Switch Art/Progression Video, and New Bleeding Cool Interview!

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Yesterday The Switch writer/co-creator Keith Champagne and I released new promo art for our graphic novel, and above is the video of that piece of art that you can see during its development.  

Baby got back!  This original piece now available as a reward at our Kickstarter!

Also fresh off the press this morning is a new article at Bleeding Cool article where Keith fires off a few questions to me regarding The Switch:

Two Tom Nguyens For the Price of One

Keith and I are very delighted to say that, as of this post, we're only $1,000 away from our achieving our second stretch goal: 

After that, we'll announce our final, crazy $30,000 stretch goal.  We can't thank you guys for your support in helping us make The Switch a reality by this fall!  So keep spreading the word because we're only 1.5 weeks away from the campaign's end...remember, even if you have pledged, you only have more to gain as we reach more stretch goals!  

Thanks again to all the kickass fans!