Interview With a Nude Model (NSFW)

by Tom Nguyen in , ,

Check out my shit-eating grin. :D

Check out my shit-eating grin. :D

Seeing as I'm under a work crunch and that not many people have seen these NSFW versions of my interview with the beautiful Rachelle for Peter Chang's MachoCave TV site, I thought that now would be a good time to ramp up the Nguyen hype as we head closer to the annual nerd prom known as San Diego Comic Con.  These clips cover topics for both artist and photographers.  

To prevent easily-offended eyes from seeing even the funny/racy video thumbnail links, I have provided just the title links for you to peruse at your own accord.  Believe it or not, these clips are meant to be (somewhat) informative and not just for cheap thrills!!  

Hope you enjoy! :D