Bodybuilding Photoshoot: Scott

by Tom Nguyen in ,

Sorry for the slight delay in my blog posts; just been busy doing knick-knack things and preparing for a good friend's wedding in the past week (no, I did not shoot it).  

To kick things off (in case you missed it on my Twitter), I was named among 13 photographers who currently use mirrorless cameras (full time or to compliment another DSLR system).  Click on the link to see the article my :

13 Amazing Professional Photographers Who Use Mirrorless Cameras On the Job


Strobist info: 28" softbox boomed high and slightly camera left for main; 1/8th Honl-gridded speedlights at the rear (both sides) for rim. 1/250 second, f/2.5, ISO 400.

About a month ago, I was contacted by Scott to book a photoshoot to document how far he had gotten with his strict, bodybuilding-style diet.  Two weeks later, we met at the gym (along with my lighting assistant for the day, Robb) to begin work.

As with most of my fitness/bodybuilding shoots, I had him go through a few exercises with weights, and then we did some non-workout poses.  I always ask the client if there are any body parts they would like to show off, and which exercises they would like to perform.  Also, I will ask if they care to do any mandatory poses (standard, judged poses during a bodybuilding competition); some clients who are very close to competition date might ask for them.

Here are a couple more of my lighting setups, followed by a small gallery of the rest of the shoot:


1/250 second, f/2.5, ISO 400.