Testing the 4k Overheating/Shutdown Issue With the Sony A7Rii

by Tom Nguyen in , ,

While I'm doing my personal experimentations with my new Sony A7Rii camera, I came across several mentions of sudden shutdown when the camera is left recording 4K video.  This is due to overheating.  In other words, it's no Panasonic GH4--which can seemingly record forever until its fantastic battery life (something I really missed!) drained or your memory card got used up.

Alarmed and disappointed, I figured I would do my own experimentation and set up the A7Rii to record in 4K on a tripod.  The difference between my attempt and others' attempts?  Mine has entertainment value in the form of my trusty bikini model Kelly.  :)  See video above.

I shot in Super 35 mode (better video/noise quality in low light), and at 30 fps to help tax the camera.  I used the Sony 28mm/2.0 lens.  I forgot what ISO...between 3200 and 6400?

Long story shot, it seemed to reach the 29- or 30-minute limit before video recording stopped.  Then I started it up again no problem, at which the A7Rii proceeded to record an additional 12 minutes before shutting down.  Not bad, I'll take it as I've heard much worse.  I did pull out the rear LCD screen away from the body, that supposedly helps.  Still, if Sony would solve the overheating issue in the future, then it would be a nice piece of mind if one needed to video record at 4k over extended periods of time.