NSFW: I Was a Dirty Boy

by Tom Nguyen in ,

What you are about to see is not for the prudish, but then again, if you are a follower of any part of my work, then you know what to expect.  

You have been warned :)

As you may have surmised, I've always been an artist as a youngster. I was always the "class artist," drawing away in my notebooks when I should have been paying attention to class.  Aw, what a cute "artist kid," right?  

Not so fast.  With intense focus/heightened creativity also came fucked up, perverse art. I was a fucked up kid!  Maybe I still am.  If you found the following drawings randomly, you'd probably think you had a future serial killer/rapist in the making:

Circa age 13-14.  You're just going to have to trust me when I say that there is a legitimate story behind this drawing.

I swear to you, I'm not into "bestial" things. This was also around age 13-14. Notice I spelled "deer" wrong.  Funny thing is that I went on to almost win the MN State Belling Bee the following year. 

Age 15. Check out my Jim Lee underboob shading that was prevalent during 90s comics.

Age 19.  At least I realized how much my drawings of women sucked back then, and it drove me to practice.

Not sure why I even censored them, when you could probably deduce what's underneath (plus there's nudity all over my site anyway).  I should note that the above drawings were only a fraction of my offensive collection.  All were drawn for others' entertainment, as I loved getting a reaction from fellow classmates/friends.  I wish I had them all, from drawing teachers maimed (whom I disliked) to my crushes naked.  Man I was messed up!  LOL  One funny story: I was in trouble and got called into my counselor's office in 10th grade to talk about a drawing I did of a girl (that I liked) naked.  That counselor is now a big fan/follower of my work!  I now consider him a friend. 

So why am I showing these now to the public?  First and foremost, because I think they're funny.  Secondly, let's say I live my life and never show this out of fear or embarrassment.  What would happen to them?  These memories will do no good sitting there doing nothing, and would most likely be thrown away and/or lost amongst junk.  I find that to be a waste, and so by putting these out there I hope to at least draw some entertainment from them--from the mind of at least one young artist!

Special thanks to Zach for preserving the art, and letting me scan them!