Justice League Jam Piece

by Tom Nguyen in ,

Earlier this year at SpringCon (now called MSP Con) I was commissioned by a regular attendee named Jared (who I keep calling "Shawn," depending on the year and my memory) to contribute to a Justice League jam piece commission.

He wanted each of the main team members to be drawn by a different artist, and had already started his art piece (click for full size):

From left to right: Wonder Woman by Pat Gleason, Superman by Doug Mahnke, Batman by Dan Jurgens, and Flash by Peter Krause.

As you can see, I would be in very good company of industry veterans!  Actually, as I'm approaching my 18th year as a pro, I guess I'm a veteran, too (it's still weird to think of myself as such--I still feel like I'm "new," ha!).

Anyway, here is my addition--Martian Manhunter (click for full size):

After I just lowered the value of the piece-- haha, sucker!  

Speaking of SpringCon/FallCon/MSP Con...

Dominic Postiglione, 1962-2014.

Dominic Postiglione, 1962-2014.

We all miss you, Nick.  Thank you for everything; it has been an honor to be a guest of your show since 1997.