Panasonic LX100 Time Lapse Problem? [SOLVED--kind of]

by Tom Nguyen in ,

First of all, I finally updated my Nocticron 42.5mm/1.3 lens hood glue problem blog;  being so busy it slipped my mind that I had never posted an update.  So thanks to Jay for the comment the other day.

[EDIT: I have figured out the problem. Because I set the time lapse to take each photo at every 3 minutes, the camera lens retracts and goes into "sleep" mode in between every shot.  There is nothing that can be done about this annoyance.  Any time lapse interval shot at :31 seconds or greater will do this.  :30 seconds or less time, however, will keep the camera on.  Hope this helps!]

Speaking of photography woes, I thought I'd do a post on my time lapse problem on my Panasonic LX100 camera.  I'm trying to do time lapses of my artwork, but I can't figure out why it doesn't work anymore--the camera shuts down when I attempt it.  See the above video (you should be subscribing anyway to my YouTube channel hehe).

For your information, I have gotten it to work before:

So can anyone shed light on this?  Will Panasonic care and do anything?  They helped out before, will they do it again?  Or am I stuck with this camera that can't do time lapse?