HEADS UP Tonight on CBS's Big Brother: Catch My Artwork! (+update)

by Tom Nguyen in , ,

For you Big Brother 17 TV show fans, tonight on CBS (8pm ET/7pm CT) you can see episode #22 which will feature "comic-book-ized" art versions of the cast members! See the preview for the episode in the above video. *UPDATE* You can now catch the full episode here, though you have to be a CBS All Access subscriber.

This is the second season that I've been asked to contribute to "BB Comics."  Check out my blog about last year's work with Big Brother.

Here is an Entertainment Weekly online article previewing tonight's episode along with some art by my fellow colleagues of the first 6 evicted houseguests (the rest of the covers will be shown tonight).  *UPDATE*  Here is the EW link that shows all of the covers drawn by us artists...

-Henry Liao
-Andy Smith
-Mike Borowski
-Josh Adams
-Brad Vancata
-Derrick Eason
-Stephen Schaffer

Here is the art that I contributed for the episode:

*Special thanks to Jessie, Andrew, and Heath over at OurHouse Productions, and to Gabriella Schnierle for her awesome contribution to logos/lettering.