Appearance at Fanboy Expo This Weekend

by Tom Nguyen in

Starting today and throughout the weekend, I'll be a guest artist signing autographs and doing sketches for Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Interestingly enough, I'll also be doing double-duty as the show staff photographer.  This is fun because not only will it give me breaks from working my own table and talking to fans, but it will also give me access to the other show guests and celebrities for mingling/photo ops that I otherwise couldn't have gotten (as easily).

It will be challenging to see how I juggle the two roles for the weekend, and if I'll survive!  For the last couple days I've been scrambling to get prepared for this show, from getting preordered sketches done to charging camera/light batteries to packing, etc. etc. etc.  

Seeing as how I've gotta go to the show now, I'll elaborate/update more as the weekend progresses.

For now, here are 10 head sketches I've been asked to do as part of the Super VIP package for lucky fans: